Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sister Gift Exchange

So I got a Christmas package from Ang this last week. Thankfully I (FINALLY) downloaded Skype so Ang and Chub could see me open my gifts.

My new centerpiece...beautiful isn't it?

Ang made these beautiful coasters :)

 And a travel mug holder...( the other side is camo - so cute!)

 Nail polish from the chub. And my Christmas letter from Chub lol. She told me it says "I love auntie Heidi"....definitely going on the fridge.

 Some yummy candles 

 A new Christmas mug :) I didn't have any in Hawaii with me. It was fully of hot cocoa and candy canes.

Ahh...Christmas cards on the fridge. I won't mention any names (ahem. Bek.) but I'm hoping to have a few more pics to put on my fridge soon.

Thanks Ang!


Anonymous said...

You have a card from me. It's at Ty's with your gift.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Cute stuff. I likey.

Heather McEntire said...

most excellent!!! what flavors are the candles?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am super jealous that my sister don't love me this much! Just saying,,,, I can cause Jade don't get online.